Are you a Human Being or a Human Doing?

Of course I am a human being, you say! But wait? Are you really? What does it mean to be a human “being”? Isn’t your life more about “doing” than “being”?

“Doing” is relative, visible, and measurable. It is the tangible, tactical part of the day-to-day observable aspects of human life, such as how many things you got done on your “to-do” list, how many activities your kids are involved in, the balance of your bank account, the car you drive, and on and on. “Doing” is the set of beliefs around that which is “running the show” in our lives. The “doing” is a checklist in how we measure ourselves and others. As a human “doing,” we live in our judgments, beliefs, opinions, and perceptions (JBOPs).

“Being” is absolute, intangible, and non-measurable. It is the aspects of human life like peace of mind, self-forgiveness, integrity, self-awareness, spirituality, and consciousness. “Being” allows us to see our impact on others and in the world. It requires us to slow down and develop traits such as intentionality and consciousness in order to grant ourselves self-acceptance. While these are highly coveted personal and professional traits, your will not find them in job descriptions or even wedding vows.

As humans, we have an over-attention on “doing” and an under-attention on “being.” When we are a human “being,” we focus more on accepting and growing ourselves and others rather than on the external “doing” that our world so focuses on. So, I ask again, are you a human being or a human doing?