Are You A Superachiever?

I often find myself identifying fellow superachievers and attempting to engage in conversations about superachieving with them, only to find them blush while stammering out that I must be mistaken and that they aren’t really superachievers. Folks – this breaks my heart!!! Quite simply, a superachiever is defined as one who accomplishes A LOT with the mission of making a positive impact on the world while becoming their best self in the process. If this fits – OWN IT!!!!

I think a lot of folks misidentify superachieving with overachieving.  Overachieving is all about getting that external validation of one’s self-worth by doing whatever it takes to get the “prize,” to include stepping over other people. So, let’s take a moment to define success as it pertains to the superachiever. Traditionally in our society, we think of success as promotions, degrees, awards, attainment of money, and so on.  Success for the superachiever means positively impacting the world (or one’s little corner of it) while becoming your best self in the process.

Let’s break this down even further, starting with “mission of becoming their best self”:

  • The everyday superachiever is constantly engaged in some form of self-development – more formal being reading, coaching, taking classes, to the informal of observing life as it happens, reflecting on observations, and learning what works/what doesn’t work.
  • This also means that the superachiever is consciously aware of how their thoughts can either serve or sabotage them. They also realize that their health is the foundation for everything and they do their best to maintain or improve it.

On to the second part of the superachiever definition – “positively impacting the world.” The everyday superachiever wants to leave this world in a better place that when they arrived on it.  This means that their achievement efforts, while they may bring them much personal success, are focused on changing the world for the better (or at least their little part of it.)

Does any of this sound like you? Yes? THEN OWN IT!!!!