Been forgetful lately?

Have you ever noticed people who claim to have a poor memory, yet when they watch a movie or listen to a song, they can easily quote a line or lyric?  Or, maybe you are this person? Excluding individuals who truly have a medical condition; it is quite evident what the cause of memory loss is… poor focus and listening skills.

Prime examples of poor focus and listening skills are all around us every day: A person not being able to remember the specifics of a conversation, although throughout the entire conversation they were constantly glancing at their phone and murmuring “uh huh”. Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and you notice they are only making listening noises while watching the foot traffic around you? You know instantly that they’ve ‘checked out’ of the conversation.  And finally there are the individuals who are deeply present in a conversation on their cell phones, but when they put their keys down, they later can’t find them anywhere.

So here’s a call to action… We are human beings living in a highly distracting technology age, so if you find yourself forgetting where you put your things, specifics in conversations, or what you’ve just read, start working on being more present in your life. When you are in a conversation, be completely in that conversation.  When you are driving, walking, putting your keys down; be completely focused on what you are doing rather than lost in thought or conversation.

I used to be a huge proponent of multi-tasking (and still do it at times), even scoffing at the studies that claim it doesn’t work.  Now that I have seen the impact it can have on other’s lives and experiencing it first hand, I understand multi-tasking isn’t always so great.

How much is inattention affecting your success in life?