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Suffering From Amygdala Hijack?
Part of being successful in life is maintaining control of our emotions. Daniel Goleman’s emotional intelligence model had four parts:[...]
Increase Your Self-Control To Achieve More
I recently listened to one of the Great Courses on Audible - the Science of Self-Control by Dr. C. Nathan[...]
Quit Shoulding Yourself!
Have you ever found yourself trying to enjoy some "found" time? For example, you were able to get off work[...]
Obsessing About Achieving?
Us superachievers can get a little obsessive about our goals. So much so that we can push ourselves into overachieving[...]
Stop Procrasting!
Procrastination can be a big hinderance when attempting to be productive. All of us do it, in some form or[...]
Are You Aware of Your Bad Habits
We all know a bad listener when we interact with one - they may be looking at you and responding[...]
Thinking of Death Can Help You Achieve More?!?!
Similar to pretty much everyone else, I've lost close and distant family members, friends, colleagues, and beloved pets to the[...]
Change Your Story… or Become It!
We all have stories… for EVERYTHING in our lives. We'll call them stories, because that is exactly what they are[...]
I saw a car commercial recently that led to some pretty deep reflection. The commercial used the vehicle's GPS system[...]
You Don’t Have Time To Hurry!
"You don't have time to hurry." I learned this phrase in one of the Quit Bleeping Around Podcast interviews and[...]
A-Hole in Aisle 20
Since I talk about reflective writing all the time, I thought I would share what I wrote so you could[...]
Change Your Perspective to Step Up Self-Care
One of the focus areas for superachieving is Self-Care. We cannot do anything in life, mentally or physically, if we[...]
Change Your Surroundings to Make Change Happen
Change is hard - for a number of reasons! Let's first set the ground work with a few words about[...]
Using Just-in-Time Development
There is a finished project and there is a perfect project and they are not the same thing, nor with[...]
How Honest Are You With Yourself?
How many reasons have you uttered to yourself or others today for your behavior? I'm late because of traffic; I[...]
Getting Unstuck
Bernard Roth, a professor at Stanford's and author of The Achievement Habit, postulates that in order to get unstuck[...]
Remove Try from Your Vocabulary
We've all made important changes in our lives at one time or another. It's interesting how it often happens -[...]
It Has No Meaning
I'm in the process of reading "The Achievement Habit" by Bernard Roth, a Stanford professor who founded the Stanford d.School[...]
Cocky or Confident?
I recently had a conversation with my husband about someone he had interacted with that day that came off as[...]