What Areas of Your Life Do You Need To Examine?

This blog is a call to action for you to examine your relationships, projects, tasks, circumstances (or whatever else is relevant) and determine what is holding you back from your superachiever awesomeness. What do you need to remove from your life? What helps me visualize this is – what could I remove from my life that I would feel an immediate lightening on my shoulders and make it easier to breath?  In essence, what is energetically weighing you down that you need to get rid of? Identify it and come up with a plan for either setting boundaries around it or removing it completely from your life.

The next thing you want to consider is what projects, tasks, whatever – do you still need in your life, but that you can delegate to others? What metaphorical balls could you pass to a team mate on the basketball court of life that they can take over? For example, although I enjoy audio editing, my work is backing up, so I can easily delegate this task to another until I get caught up again.

Finally, assess is there anything missing in your life that you need to add? Perhaps building a better relationship with someone in your life – friend, romantic partner, superachiever buddy, whatever. Or, are you missing out on social activities, health-related activities, whatever it is – add it in.

It’s time for all of us to look at what we need to remove from our lives, what we can delegate to another, and what beneficial, healthy things we can add for better wellbeing.

Got it? Good! Now quit bleeping around and get to it.