Feeling Frustrated with Life?

It happens to all of us… feelings of frustration with life in general.  Why is this happening to me?  Why does life have to kick me when I’m down?  Why does it seem that I can never get ahead (financially, at work, in relationships, etc.)?  Although a very positive person, I recently had what I call “a moment” when I was frustrated with life and just wanted to hide under my covers for a few days.  I try not to have them too often and am usually good at clearing them out right away by focusing on goals and becoming even more driven.  This “moment” stuck around for a few days, so the usual response didn’t work this time.

Remember when you were a kid and had much fewer responsibilities than as an adult?  Sometimes we need to return to our childhood (the fun parts) when life throws us a curveball.  When my “moment” didn’t move on with the usual “fixes,” I decided to take a few days off and give myself permission to do whatever I wanted, specifically focusing on fun things I did as a kid.  Why not do the same for yourself if you’re in a “moment”?  It didn’t take long to get out of the funk after I went for a walk in the woods, skipping at times (not at typo – skipping is fun AND good exercise), and then finding an open field where I could lay on the ground and look up at the vast sky.  There is something about nature and looking up at the vast sky that puts one’s “problems” into perspective.

What were some fun things you did as a child?  Why not take some time for yourself today to enjoy one or two of them, especially if you’re feeling a little beat up from life?