It’s NOT overachieving!

According to, overachieving is defined as “to perform better or achieve more than expected, especially by others.” It gets even better when is consulted… “someone who is sooo much better than you that it pisses you off.”

The term “overachiever” has become a derogatory label for being achievement-oriented, focused, and therefore, more successful than most. Guy Kawasaki, Bill Gates, and Sheryl Sandberg, are individuals that made it into the upper-echelons of achievement, but have been able to overcome this label, and as a result, are highly respected.  However, the everyday superachiever is usually chastised for their innate drive to achieve.

It’s time for the everyday superachiever to stand strong, continue achieving, and every time they are called an “overachiever,” to correct the term.  Let’s start a movement to educated the masses about superachievers. These are every day folks in the trenches, working hard to make an impact on the world, and, by their very nature, achieve more than most.  Perhaps by replacing “overachiever” with “superachiever” we can encourage respect and emulation, rather than jealousy or disdain.

How are you celebrating your “superacheiver” self?