Theory of a Zombie Nation

I openly admit it – I love zombie shows.  Not too long ago, I found myself debating with another individual how to survive against different types of zombies – from the faster ones in “World War Z,” to the slower ones in “The Walking Dead,” to even the animal zombies in “Z Nation.” Yep – I’m an addict.  With all my reflections on the world of zombies, I’ve come up with a theory about why these shows have become increasingly popular in the last few years.

As human beings we are unconsciously (some of us consciously) attracted to zombie shows because they represent what our world has become.  How many of the walking undead have you witnessed trip over things, run into posts/walls, or miss their metro stop because they were too engrossed in their phones? How many posts on social media have you seen about various jurisdictions developing “selfie laws” because people are getting themselves killed while trying to get a good selfie? How many people have you heard about getting injured or even killed in an auto collision because one of the drivers was texting? (Notice I didn’t call it an “accident.”)

The human race has become distracted.  I promise this isn’t a social commentary – well at least completely.  Here is my point – as an awesome superachiever, I implore each of you to put away the distractions to focus on what you want out of life.  In order to superachieve, it is imperative that one possesses focused determination and discipline.  Unplugging from distractions and allowing yourself scheduled blocks of time, perhaps three times a day, to check email and social media, will supercharge your achievement.

My challenge to you – try this for 48 hours and reflect on the difference in your mindset, stress, energy, and productivity.