What did you get done before 9am?

Today has been a great day!  By 9am I had already accomplished a lot.  I woke up early, enjoyed a cup of coffee (okay, maybe two cups) while I did some self-development reading and cuddled with the cats.  I then got in about 20 minutes of work (cleared out my initial emails) before I met a friend for an hour of tennis. After I got home, I showered, and now I’m ready to start full speed ahead to a very productive day.

Interestingly, as I’m interviewing superachievers for the Quit [Bleeping] Around podcast series, I’m finding that they are very similar in making the most effective use of their time through a solid morning routine. Within four hours of waking, I had gotten in my day’s exercise, had a nice quiet reflection time, got in some self-development, and even cleared out some menial tasks so I could focus on the more important items when my work day officially started.

What does your morning routine look like?  Are you getting up late, hitting the snooze button several times, and then rushing around to get to work on time? Or do you have a routine that allows you to prepare for a productive day – meeting the needs of your mind, body, and soul in the process?