What would you change?

I read a blog the other day in which the author was sharing advice that she would have written in a letter to her younger self.  In the end, the author challenged the reader to write a letter to their younger self, reflecting on what advice they would provide.

I understand the purpose of these types of exercises is to reflect on what one has learned and how they have hopefully grown over the years; however, I do not like how it encourages looking at past failures and “changing” them by providing advice to avoid the failure.

One of the “secrets” of superachieving is that failure is accepted, appreciated, and even celebrated.  Superachievers cherish each and every failure experienced, because it is those failures that have resulted in the person they have become.  So… in answering the author’s call to action, the advice I’d give to all of our younger selves would be – relish your failures and learn from them, for they help you become the person you are today and the person you will become tomorrow.