Who’s in Your Tribe?

I was listening to a song on Pandora the other day and the words sparked a deep reflection. The lyrics, although I’m sure were meant to be empowering, actually upset me a little. The singer was proudly proclaiming how she doesn’t need anyone else – she’s going to rise to the top all on her own. I’ll give it to her – yes, that can be empowering; however, let’s be really honest about this – no one, and I mean not a soul, can accomplish their dreams completely on their own.

Superachievers know that if you want to go after those big hairy dreams, you absolutely have to get help from others along the way. Connecting with others and having a good support system is the only way to truly reach the goal line. Anyone who tells you any differently… well, they are delusional or lying. Seriously!

Let’s look at who’s in your support system. There are several different categories of folks, let’s focus on three: 1. people that help you from afar, 2. people that help you specifically, and 3. your cheerleaders.

The first group – people that help you from afar – these are the folks that we observe or make an effort to learn about in order to either learn how to be or how to do something we desire, or, in some cases, how to not be or not to do something. Folks, this is why failure is so important – not only is it an important growth moment for ourselves, but it’s also a growth moment for those we are helping from afar.

On to the second group – people that specifically help you. These are folks that help us achieve our goals or realize lifelong dreams. Keep in mind that this help may not be via positive means. It’s easy to spot the person who makes an introduction that opens a lot of doors for you, but not so easy to see either the boss or teacher who is extra hard on you, those who help you become that much better than you are because of their challenging you. It’s even harder to see that asshole boss that is so inept at his or her job, the you decide to change career fields to get away from them as helping you, but, at least in my case, I’m here today, realizing my dream because I had one of those. Otherwise, I’d probably still be working violent crime, and not helping others to quit bleeping around, which is what I was put on this earth to do!

Okay, now on to the final group, the cheerleaders. Everyone needs a fan club. It’s even one of those secrets to superachieving (secret # 23). This is the individual or individuals that are simply there to cheer you on, to believe in you, to comfort you during a particularly difficult failure, and to kick your butt into action when you’re bleeping around too much when going for a goal or dream. Make sure you have at least one person in your life that serves this role – the more, the better.

All right superachievers, let’s recap – no one – and I do mean absolutely no one, achieves their goals and/or dreams all by their lonesome. It truly takes a village to help us achieve our goals. There are people we learn from afar, folks who specifically help us, and those that are in our fan club, are cheerleaders.

Who are those individuals from your past or present that are a part of your tribe? Examine how you can more strategically utilize your tribe to supercharge your superachieving. Let’s not stop there though – we also serve in those roles for others – we are part of their tribe and helping them achieve their goals and dreams. Identify as many individuals as you can that you are either helping or serving in their fan club. Then, examine how you can help others even more. If you don’t have many, it’s time to find more folks you could help.