Why do we do this to ourselves?

In our effective communication class, one of the principles for communicating effectively is to ensure an optimum level of health.  This seems to throw some participants for a loop at first, but after we discuss it, I can almost hear the collective “duh!” One’s level of heath affects literally everything in their life – yes, EVERYTHING! If you’re not at your optimum health, this also means that your senses, energy level, ability to focus, and your thought processes, are not at their optimum level either.

Of course “knowing” all of this is not the same as practicing it.  The first step to everything is awareness. As I sit in the airport, tired from getting up too early and eating a carb-heavy breakfast because it was convenient, I know I am going to crash in about an hour.  I was also unable to get in my morning workout because I chose sleep over it. This confluence of poor choices is going to result in a tired, low energy, and moody Chris this afternoon.  This means that I will need to work extra hard to make sure I’m carefully communicating and not filtering everything through my tired and moody mindset. Reacting, rather than responding is never a clear way to communicate.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Thankfully, being a superachiever, my energy level is precious to me, so I generally make choices that guard it very well.  Having a clear understanding of how our health impacts everything else in our lives is the important first step. Making sure our decisions align with that understand is the next step (at least 90% of the time… no one is perfect!)

Are your decisions aligning with ensuring you are at your optimum health?