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210: The Necessity of Strangers with Alan Gregerman

In this episode of Quit Bleeping Around®, awesome superachiever, author, and former FBI violent crime analyst and senior manager Christina Eanes interviews Dr. Alan Gregerman. Alan is an award-winning innovation consultant, author, teacher, speaker, and community volunteer who is constantly trying to figure out how to unlock the genius in all of us and all the companies and organizations we work for. He believes that we all can be way more creative, innovative, and successful than we ever imagined by having a better understanding of ourselves, the world around us, and how brilliance occurs. In this episode, Alan discusses his most recent book, The Necessity of Strangers, and how strangers can be the key to our success.

If you’d like to learn more about Alan, visit his website at AlanGregerman.com.

For more info about Christina, visit quitbleepingaround.com or christinaeanes.com 

Follow Christina on Twitter @christinaeanes

Episode Credits:

Series Announcer: Seth D. Meyers (sethdmeyers.com)
Host: Christina Eanes (www.quitbleepingaround.com)
Outro: Linnea Sage (www.linneasage.com)
Intro/Outro Music: “Dangerous Dog” by Charlie J. Smith/SI Publishing

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