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219: Driving Personal Change with Dianne Falk (Part II)

In this episode of Quit Bleeping Around®, awesome superachiever, author, and former FBI violent crime analyst and senior manager Christina Eanes interviews Dianne Falk. Dianne is a leader who firmly believes that we all have some untapped potential and, that with the right support, we can all play a bigger game and have a bigger impact on the world around us. (The trick is to get out of our own way!)  In this second part of a two-part episode, Dianne discusses how to drive personal change, from setting your goals to achieving them by creating strategies for those inevitable obstacles that will arise.

To learn more about Dianne, visit her website at InCadenceAssociates.com or connect with her on Linked In: Linkedin.com/in/diannefalk

For more info about Christina, visit QuitBleepingAround.com, ChristinaEanes.com, SecretToSuperProductivity.com, and LifeIsAnEscapeRoom.com

Follow Christina on Twitter @christinaeanes

Episode Credits:

Series Announcer: Seth D. Meyers (sethdmeyers.com)
Host: Christina Eanes (www.quitbleepingaround.com)
Outro: Linnea Sage (www.linneasage.com)
Intro/Outro Music: “Dangerous Dog” by Charlie J. Smith/SI Publishing

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