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Who is Christina Eanes?

Hey Superachievers! I’m Christina Eanes, a lifelong superachiever, and I am on a mission to help you embrace your inner superachiever. To accomplish this mission, I’ve launched Quit Bleeping Around®, THE resource to help you achieve more in your personal and professional life.

A superachiever is one who achieves more than most and is here to make a big impact on this world while improving themselves in the process. The problem is that starting in early childhood, many of us superachievers allow others to dim our bright lights because we tire of being told to “quit thinking so big” or to “slow down.” Well, I’m here to tell you to stop it! Quit Bleeping Around®, and unleash your inner superachiever. You must do what you were put on this earth to do—to leave it a better place than you found it.

About Me

I have been a superachiever pretty much since birth. I started my own lemonade and golf-ball-sales business at age ten, strategically placing it on the ninth hole to increase sales and constructing a golf-ball retriever for the water hazard out of an old net and pole. From there I became a junior ski instructor and tennis instructor by age fifteen, and after graduating from college with honors, I quickly landed a high-paying management job as a crime analyst at a police department in California. All of this was obtained while raising two children I intentionally had in college, so I could spend more time with them in their first couple of years and not have to worry about taking maternity leave in the professional world.

When I was 30, I moved my family across the country to the beautiful Washington DC area and became a violent crime analyst in the FBI’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP). I spent a very rewarding seven years helping local, state, and federal agencies with their serial homicide and sexual assault cases. I then became a senior manager in the FBI’s Leadership Development Program, leading two teams of individuals charged with training over 6,000 leaders.

When my kids became young adults, I decided that I would finally leave the security of government work and became an entrepreneur, something I was born to do.

I live in Alexandria, VA, with my amazing husband. I am also a very proud mom of two beautiful souls in their early 20s.