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Using Just-in-Time Development
There is a finished project and there is a perfect project and they are not the same thing, nor with[...]
How Honest Are You With Yourself?
How many reasons have you uttered to yourself or others today for your behavior? I'm late because of traffic; I[...]
Getting Unstuck
Bernard Roth, a professor at Stanford's and author of The Achievement Habit, postulates that in order to get unstuck[...]
Remove Try from Your Vocabulary
We've all made important changes in our lives at one time or another. It's interesting how it often happens -[...]
It Has No Meaning
I'm in the process of reading "The Achievement Habit" by Bernard Roth, a Stanford professor who founded the Stanford d.School[...]
Cocky or Confident?
I recently had a conversation with my husband about someone he had interacted with that day that came off as[...]
How Much of Your Stress is Unnecessary?
I love Kelly McGonigal's TED Talk about stress titled, "How To Make Stress Your Friend" - she shares that it[...]
Ever Tried Working with an Accountability Partner?
Have you ever had an accountability partner? Someone with whom you set goals and then do a regular report in[...]
Do You Have a Plan? Or a Wish List?
I watched the movie Trolls recently with my husband and was surprised at the bits of wisdom that were interspersed[...]
Strategies for Emptying Your Mental Bucket
I can't remember where I recently heard the term "empty your mental bucket" but I instantly decided I liked it.[...]
Have You Heard of an Emotional Bank Account?
I've mentioned the term "emotional bank account" to several people lately and was surprised that they had never heard the[...]
Follow Your Passion for Happiness!
Are you following your passion? If not, why not? If so, how you can follow it more fully? I think[...]
Hold A Personal Strategy Session Today!
To be a superachiever and achieve all that we do, one must be strategic. I find it disheartening and unbelievable[...]
Use Reflective Writing to Develop Yourself
A few years ago, I discovered reflective writing, and since then, my personal and professional development has skyrocketed. Reflective writing[...]
Strategies for Sustaining Desired Change
Have you ever tried to break a bad habit or develop a new healthy one? It can be very difficult![...]
Afraid to Proclaim Your Big, Scary Dream?
Isn’t it funny how we can struggle with something for a while, sometimes even years, and suddenly there's this moment[...]
Yes/No Strategy – An Awesome Tool for Tough Decisions
We’ve all been there – you’re faced with some sort of opportunity or invitation and you must decide whether to[...]
Who’s in Your Tribe?
I was listening to a song on Pandora the other day and the words sparked a deep reflection. The lyrics,[...]
Respect Your Future Self!
What does “respect your future self” mean to you? For me, it’s a more personal way of making strategic choices.[...]