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265: How To Develop Tiny Habits

How can changing habits be easy? In this podcast minisode for the Quit Bleeping Around podcast, author, speaker, and former FBI violent crime analyst and senior manager Christina Eanes reviews the book, Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything By BJ Fogg. Purchase on Amazon: Tiny Habits For more info about Christina, visit QuitBleepingAround.com,...Read More

260: How to Get a Job with Darrin Johnson

In this episode of Quit Bleeping Around®, awesome superachiever, author, and former FBI violent crime analyst and senior manager Christina Eanes interviews Darrin Johnson. Darrin has 30 years of experience in the field of recruiting and is currently the Director of Human Resources and Recruiting at Pragmatics, Inc. In this second interview, Darrin provides advice...Read More

Become an Observer

In a recent podcast interview conversation I had, we spoke about the importance of being able to remove yourself from a situation emotionally and observe it from sidelines to allow yourself to be more objective in how you handle it – especially with those situations involving conflict with another person. The ability to be curious...Read More

A Strategy for Making Better Decisions

I found myself coaching an individual who was in a problematic spot recently and wanted to share the process they went through to determine the best course of action for them. See, when we are in a tough situation, it is frequently difficult to decide because we have an overwhelming desire to make whatever choice...Read More