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Change Up Your Goals

Let’s look at how you can change your goal setting to be more about who you are and who you want to become rather than the tangible things you’d like to achieve.

I’m trying something a bit different with my goals this year and basing them on who I want to be – the intentions and values I’d like to set as the foundation for my goal achievement. For example, my three key-words that I plan to keep in the forefront of my mind this entire year are: Well-Being, Service, and Connection. The objectives within these intentions will serve to be my SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound – depending on which model of SMART you subscribe to).

For example, under Well-Being, I’m setting objectives related to keeping my mind, body, and soul healthy. Under the mind category, I’ve set a few goals around what I’d like to learn this year as well as continuing a regular meditation practice. For the body related goals I am focusing on moving more and nutrition. For the soul category I’m focusing on deepening my spirituality. While my business and personal relationship goals will fall under my 2019 intentions of Service and Connection.

Think about three of your key values that drive you forward in life. What areas do you value? A few could potentially be family, education, security, innovation, and so many more. Think about your values for a minute. Are you finding it difficult? Sometimes when we have trouble thinking about what our values are, it helps to focus on what they aren’t. There are several exercises you can go through to identify your values.

The first one would be, if you could put a message on a billboard that a million people would drive past every day, what would it be? For example, mine would be Gandhi’s quote of Be the Change You Wish to See in the World. From this billboard statement, you could probably guess that I value service, authenticity, being a role model, and more. What would your statement be and what values can you mine from it?

The second exercise to uncover your values would be to think about a situation in which you thought, “Wow! Life is really good right now!” If you come up with a special time you had with family members, the values you could mine from that would be connection with others, family, support or many others depending on how you described the situation. So what is a favorite story of yours in which you felt this way? What values can you mine from it?

The final exercise to uncover your values would be to think about the last time you got really angry or upset. Surprisingly, this will also uncover values because we tend to get triggered when someone steps on a value. For example, I get upset when I see people treat other people disrespectfully – especially wait staff at a restaurant or the janitors at my gym. This means that I value respect, the golden rule, valuing others for contributing their part to the world and so on. What situation or circumstances trigger you and what values can you mine from it?

Here’s your call to action today – make your goals more encompassing and ultimately more fulfilling by going through these exercises to uncover your top 10 values. Once you’ve done that, decide on the top three intentions you’d like to set for your goals based on those values and build out the objectives you’d like to accomplish under each one.

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