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Clarity In Vision Will Increase Your Achievement

Let’s take a moment to look at the importance of setting a crystal clear vision for our achievement efforts. I think so often we are so focused on attaining the goals we set for ourselves that we don’t take the time to set a very clear vision of the goal. Taking the time to do this, according to Maureen Gaffney, in her book Flourishing, will actually help you achieve your goals more quickly.

Here’s why – when you supply your brain with a very clear intention, it automatically does half the work of implementing that intention for you by alerting you to opportunities to appear and rapidly processing any info that might help or hinder your purpose. By creating a clear vision of your goal, you are telling your brain what it needs to pay attention to, so it will automatically process any information that comes in regarding that vision more quickly that other information. Here’s the cool thing about that at well – your brain not only directs your attention to what you can do now, but also what you could do next.

Let’s look at the absence of setting a clear vision – you drift aimlessly without any clear idea of what you want to achieve or perhaps you’re achieving someone else’s vision because they’ve so clearly laid it out for you.

Here are a couple of strategies for setting a clear vision; first, make sure you visualize precisely what you want to obtain using as many of your five senses that you can and making it action-based. The executive and monitoring functions of your brain work better together when they are trying to produce actions, rather than thoughts or feelings. Visualizing a detailed end state of what you want will help them work better together.

The second strategy is to express what you want to achieve in a positive way so that the executive and monitoring systems can work together using less bandwidth (or energy). An example would be, I want to eat foods that are good for my body versus I want to eat less junk food. Your brain will spend less energy searching for evidence of you eating foods that are good for your body; whereas it would expend more energy monitoring whether or not you are eating less junk food.

In honor of today’s blog, I recommend you sit down and set a clear vision for each of your goals. Then make it a daily habit to revisit those visions to achieve even faster.

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