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Do You Have Your Own Life Principles?

Question for you – do you have your own life principles? I recently read a book on principles, and I liked the concept. Of course, it got me thinking about my life principles. I know I have values by which I live my life and three in particular that I am focusing on this year; however, I haven’t fully articulated them into something I refer to and ask myself if I’ve lived by them each day.

If you do have your life principles clearly articulated and you ask yourself if you’re honoring them regularly, great job! You are ahead of me by far. If you don’t, let’s look at creating them. Think about what is extremely important to you. For example, it is critical to me that I see each of my fellow human beings as that – fellow human beings. There is no one better than me, and there is no one less than me. We are all in this world together doing our best to make a positive impact (at least that is what I like to believe.) So one of my life principles would be to treat everyone as my equal.

Another thing that is important to me is relationship-first. Sometimes I forget the importance of this principle in my life and neglect to ensure my connection with others is solid before jumping into task mode. So a life principle related to this would be to focus on the relationship before concentrating on the task or to make it a priority each day or week to nurture and build my relationships. See folks – just noodling on this for a few minutes enabled me to come up with two of my life principles. So take some time to sit down and devise five to ten principles you live your life by.

Once you’ve got your list, what’s next? It’s just going to sit there and gather dust if you don’t make it a habit to reflect on your list each day. I’ve seen several ways individuals have made this a habit. Some set aside some time to reflect on their list in the morning to have their life principles at the forefront of their mind throughout the day. Others reflect on the list for a few minutes in the evening, asking themselves if they honored their principles that day – maybe even adding some of their thoughts in their learning journals. Others have also involved an accountability partner of some sorts by emailing or having a short phone call and asking either other if they honored each one that day (or week). Set up whatever works for you – as long as you are keeping focused on who you want to be and how you want to live your life. This will help you be more fulfilled, and in my book, more successful.

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