You Don’t Have Time To Hurry!

“You don’t have time to hurry.” I learned this phrase in one of the Quit Bleeping Around Podcast interviews and I have reminded myself about this awesome superachiever tip ever since. See folks, us superachievers love to be productive. The more we get done, the more satisfied we feel, and it gives us even more drive and energy to tackle the next task, goal, or dream.

Here’s the thing though – sometimes we rush through things to mark them off the list. What is often the result when we rush through something to get that satisfying line that crosses the task off of our to do list? Whatever we produced during that task is not our best work. Please notice that I didn’t say it wasn’t a perfect product – because perfect doesn’t exist. However, if we are rushing to get something done, then we are not doing our best work. We may not notice it right then, but this affects the trust others have in us to do quality work. Do you want to be known as the person who gets things done, but in a half-assed manner, or the person who churns out quality work quickly?

I learned this lesson several years ago and still have to remind myself on a regular basis when I feel that familiar urge to get the darn task marked off my list. In the office I worked in, we were switching to a new database system which required us to send letters out to every agency that had a case in our system to get their permission to transfer the case to the new system. I figured out a way to churn out hundreds of letters very quickly and sent them out. What I didn’t realize until I got the first one back was that I had made a mistake – all of the letters had a significant typo that would require me to send out new letters in order for their permission to be valid. So, even though I sent out the letters and started receiving them back in record time in the office, I ended up having to redo all of the letters and personally calling all those agencies that had submitted the permission form that I goofed on. I wanted to be the first analyst that got 100% compliance from my assigned agencies, so I rushed, and ended up paying the price.

The superachiever drive to achieve is powerful force – so the question for you is this – are you using your powers for good or evil? Seriously though – think back to when you’ve rushed and had to pay the price. Then, when you feel that familiar build up within your body – that need to check things off your list – remind yourself that you don’t have time to rush.