Follow Your Passion for Happiness!

Are you following your passion? If not, why not? If so, how you can follow it more fully? I think a lot of us misunderstand what following our passion really means. At its foundation, this means identifying what we are truly passionate about, what makes us excited to talk about with others, the thing that we get so engrossed in, that we look up and several hours have passed. Where the confusion sets in is when we make up a bunch of rules around it, like “I’m passionate about such and such – so it has to be my life’s work and where my paycheck comes from.” Or “I have to be passionate about a noble cause.” I respectfully ask you to throw away any rules you may have created around your life’s passion.

We make up a lot of rules around “following our passion” and that could be what’s keeping you from following yours in the first place, or following it more fully. Following your passion is what makes life more fulfilling – you’re happier, less stressed, and more optimistic. Keeping that in mind, while throwing out the rules, will help you follow your passion today. Let’s say your passion about speaking to large audiences about topic X and is not something you do in your day job. Well, make it a side job, either paid or volunteer. Seek out where these audiences would be an offer to speak. Let’s say you’re passionate about, I don’t know – crocheting. Then start a crocheting club on the weekends. Or film yourself giving lots of cool tips and create a YouTube channel and online community to be passionate together. You get the idea – when you throw out the rules you’ve created around following your passion, you will find yourself energized, fulfilled, and simply glowing while talking about it with others. Alright superachievers… what are you waiting for?