Hold A Personal Strategy Session Today!

To be a superachiever and achieve all that we do, one must be strategic. I find it disheartening and unbelievable (at least I hope it’s unbelievable) when Brian Tracy states that only 3% of folks actually write down their goals. If this is true, I bet even a smaller portion of those individuals hold personal strategy sessions. See, in the professional world, we have weekly, monthly, and annual goals for the organization or business, we set up extensive project plans and hold regular status and strategy meetings to check on progress, implement interventions if necessary to keep us on track, and ensure that we accomplish all the goals we created as an organization. But how many of us do this ourselves? I’d venture to guess not many.

Once we establish our goals and how we will accomplish them, it will mean nothing without regular personal strategy sessions. I’d recommend a multilevel approach to this process.

Let’s start at the simplest level and work our way up. Each morning, spend five minutes setting up your daily to do list (or the night before) – the key here is daily. Set a strategy for which tasks need to get done that day or worked on that day to bring you closer to getting your goal accomplished. Here’s the thing though – you can’t do other tasks until those are done. This will keep you from focusing on the unimportant things that tend to get in our way because we make them “important.” So only work on things that are in furtherance of your goals.

Next level is weekly personal strategy sessions. This is done once a week on a day that makes sense for you – mine is generally Friday afternoon so I can free my mind for the weekend. Where your daily sessions take more no more than 15 minutes, your weekly planning sessions will generally take about 30 minutes or more depending on the number of goals you are tackling. In your weekly strategy session, you will reflect on your progress from the previous week, make any adjustments to your goal plan, and then set a plan for the coming week. In a similar fashion, you hold a monthly strategy session once a month, reviewing the previous month, making adjustments, and planning the next month. It is also important to hold a bi-annual session every six months looking at your goals from an even higher strategic level.

Holding daily, weekly, monthly, and bi-annual personal strategy meetings based on a goal plan you create for each of your goals may seem like a lot of work, and it can be; however, I guarantee you will achieve more in less time if you do. Stay tuned, I’m creating an easy to use goal and energy management system to be launched this year in 2017.