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Making a Good Impression to Achieve More

We are all aware of how important others are to our success. Quite simply, we need others to get to where we want to go. If you’ve read, watched, or listened to any of my other material, you know how strongly I feel about this. We need to be consciously aware of how we interact with others – whether it is a meeting, networking, or simply running into someone in the hallway.

One of my podcast guests, Lee Caraher created a great product for her employees, called Everything Speaks, which you can learn more about at leecaraher.com. Some tips she recommends are:

  • Introduce yourself with your first and last names – clearly pronouncing them.
  • Shake hands when introduced with someone new, or when seeing people you don’t see often. Be sure your grip is confident and not a limp “dead fish.”
  • Make a positive impression by smiling. Smile when you’re meeting someone new, smile when someone is giving a presentation, even smile when walking down the hallway. You might even brighten someone’s day.
  • Rising to greet someone who just entered a room shows respect. Stand to shake hands when saying goodbye (yes, both men and women).
  • Stand up straight – if you’re nervous, it will help you hide your nerves.
  • Show that you are present in conversations, meetings and lunches by holding eye contact with people, and let them know you are paying attention.
  • Professional attire doesn’t have to be stuffy, but make it work in your favor (even in casual professional environments.) Before leaving the house, ask, “What does this outfit and accessories say about me?” If the answer does not contain confident, sharp, professional, then you may want to consider changing.
  • Just say “no” to gum – when you are with a client or in a meeting. If you do choose to chew gum outside of these circumstances, never chew with your mouth open or snap it.
  • Enjoy your favorite beverages and food but remember to freshen your breath afterwards.
  • Perfume or cologne can be overpowering when too much is applied. More and more companies have no-scent policies, so make sure you check before you go to someone else’s office.
  • Personal hygiene is VERY important. From grooming (nose hairs included) to knowing what time our deodorant fails, make sure to put your best, fresh, foot forward.

There you have it folks – some tips for making a good first impression. Once you’ve done that, you’ve opened the door to building a successful relationship with others, upping your achievement efforts.

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