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A New Scheduling Strategy for Productivity

Would you agree that as a society, we are chronically over-scheduled? I was speaking with a family member recently who has four kids and he showed me the family’s schedule for the next couple of months. Each and every day was filled with various activities the family members were involved in. I asked him when they had any down time and he didn’t have an answer for me. If you’re familiar with my ME² System for Super Productivity, you know this is not recommended. We must have down time in order to generate the energy needed to complete the important stuff in our lives. This is referred to as a “brilliant personal declutter” by Carl Honoré, author of In Praise of Slowness. This process involves identifying what is really important to you and then letting every thing else fall by the way side.

Using the ME² System for Super Productivity requires you to change your perception about what is really worth your energy – because time is not your most limiting resource, your energy is. Think about it, we have 24 hours in a day, but you can’t be productive for a full 24 hours can you? You have to sleep, eat, and take care of various biological needs. Have you ever sat working on a particular task and it took forever because you were sluggish, hangry, or tired? And when you were at a high energy level, you were able to get it done quickly with ease.

So here’s the solution – under schedule yourself! There are certain key things you need to implement in order to do this. First, get extremely clear on what your priorities are in your life. Go through everything on your proverbial plate with extreme prejudice and clear out anything that isn’t a priority. Once you do that, schedule in some buffer time and give yourself permission to take several breaks throughout the day. Allow idle time for your thoughts – that’s when all the great ideas come to fruition, right? – when you aren’t forcing them!

Adjust your day based on your energy levels. For example, in the ME² System for Super Productivity, it requires you to assess your average energy levels on any given day and then schedule out your tasks based on the expected energy levels each task will take. If a task requires level four energy, which is super production mode, then you must do it during the time of the day that you are experiencing level four energy. The system also requires you to identify your energy creators (those people, things, or situations that bring you energy) as well as your energy consumers (those people, things, or situations that consume your energy) and then maximize your energy creators and limit your energy consumers.

Pretty simple, right? If you’d like to learn more, go to ME2Productivity.com. Why not focus on removing one task from your schedule today? Baby steps!

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