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Obsessing About Achieving?

Us superachievers can get a little obsessive about our goals. So much so that we can push ourselves into overachieving – that point where we’re not really happy unless we are achieving what we set out to achieve and we tend to forget about ourselves and our self-care in the process. Let’s be honest, one of the things that makes us so good at superachieving is once we set our eye on the prize, that end goal that we’ve identified, we go into production mode and nothing can stop us from achieving what we desire. And I do mean nothing – not even ourselves.

I have set some pretty lofty goals for some more products and services I want to provide to you in 2018 so I am fighting with this as I am writing this blog for you. You know how we get – as soon as we wake up we’re ready to tackle the project that will help us achieve the goal, so we jump right on it, maybe even forgetting to eat breakfast. Then we look up and it has been several hours. Have I eaten anything? When was the last time I went to the bathroom? Am I drinking enough water? Have I even moved?

See, our drive to go after our goals is both a gift and a curse. We walk a fine line at times between superachieving and overachieving and it we are not constantly vigilant of where were are in relation to that line, it is very easy to lose ourselves in the achievement process. I am still struggling with finding my way in this process and I can share what I’ve learned so far –  that awareness is both the biggest and first step you must take. Realize that once you set a goal for something that you really want, you have a tendency to lose yourself in it. For example, I am deep in production mode creating more online courses, coaching programs, and a new time management system for you right now. I know that I can get obsessive about getting them created for you, so I am checking in with myself multiple times a day. I am tracking how much I move throughout the day, how much water I am drinking, and my food intake. Monitoring these things is a way to ensure that they are not forgotten.

As I am also still struggling with this one, my advice at this point is to be very careful of what goals you choose to pursue – make sure they are in alignment with your values and you have a clear vision of your end state and once you do set your goals, make sure a part of that goal is monitoring yourself during your achievement efforts. Self-care should be one of the top daily tasks that are part of that goal achievement. My high-achiever coaching program steps you through this process. If you’re interested in learning more, go to christinaeanes.com/coaching to check out the curriculum.

Until next time – monitor yourself people! Self-awareness is the key to going after your goals, accomplishing them, and then making sure you’re in top shape to go after the next set of goals.

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