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What is Quit Bleeping Around®?

If you’re like most of the Quit Bleeping Around® tribe, you want to make an impact on this world. You truly enjoy achieving and you’re committed to your continued personal and professional growth. There’s only one problem – you feel held back in some way.

I know how you feel!

I know what it is like to desire to be more, to do more.  You sometimes feel like you’re trying to run at full speed with a parachute on your back (and not on purpose for your health!)

Sometimes you’re unsure of what is holding you back, other times you’ve identified it’s your environment, the people around you, or even yourself that is keeping you from fully realizing what you know you’re capable of.

This is why I created Quit Bleeping Around®

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Pareto Principle? The idea is that 20% of the input is responsible for 80% of the results obtained; also known as the 80/20 rule. Adjusting the rule for superachieving, let’s state that 80% of what is holding you back is internal, while 20% are external restraints of some sort.

What does this mean?  It means that the majority of your achievement efforts can be supercharged by doing some internal work – looking at how you are holding yourself back, and then removing those blocks.

Alright superachievers!  It’s time to quit bleeping around and unleash your inner superachiever!  Check out the resources I've created for you and let’s get to it!

Christina Tells You About Quit Bleeping Around®

A few words from some of the
Quit Bleeping Around® tribe members

Podcast Listener

Christina Eanes is fantastic. She will guide you to being your best self while coaching you through self discovery.

Health Provider

Presentation Participant

Thank you for your talk at Rising Stars on Friday! I very much enjoyed it and have already started listening to your podcast on my way to work this morning!Thanks again for the inspiring talk. I am particularly enthused to do my online survey to see who my saboteurs are and mostly how to SHUSH them.Thanks for the inspiring words!

Kirsten Aerts
Process Engineering Supervisor

Podcast Listener

This is really going to help me in my every day life! I’m really excited to hear all the ways I can better myself as a superachiever!


Presentation Participant

I loved the message and concepts around your speech. I truly believe what you think becomes reality. I need to truly believe it and quiet the inner critic. Thank you for your speech.

Shawna O'Hara
Retail Industry Leader

Podcast Listener

So many of us are superachievers but do not truly live out our potential for one reason or another. Christina takes a no-nonsense march towards victory prompting us to stop “bleeping” around. She is real about her own journey and a passionate advocate and experienced guide on our road to a more fulfilled life. A must podcast for those who believe there has got to be more than performing to imposed baselines in this life. Punch a higher floor and download what Christina’s got to share.


Workshop Participant

I was lucky enough to be an audience member for a few of Christina Eanes’ presentations. She is an incredible speaker and it doesn't take long to realize what makes her an "Awesome Superachiever!” I learned a lot about myself and different leadership styles and truly believe I'm a better leader today because of it! Thank you so much!!

Sharyn Riddles
Retail Industry Leader

Workshop Participant

Christina, LOVED your segment at the NEW Rising Stars Program. As I mentioned, I am looking to leverage your Podcast with the colleges I help lead as a part of our NEW College Outreach program.

Stacey Miller
Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Speaking Engagement Client

First, let me say that “Quit Bleeping Around” is THE coolest company name I’ve yet to hear. Upon learning that Christina would be the Keynote Speaker at our 2017 Leadership Summit, I knew it was going to be great series because of the name alone.Christina’s high energy method for getting our team out of their seats to be physically active together as well as getting them to think outside of their individual “inner box” was amazing. Her portion of the Leadership Summit was the most talked about and we would love to have her speak again.So “Quit Bleeping Around” and book Christina TODAY!!!

Bessie Watson
Executive Assistant, CFO, CHO, & General Counsel