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More Positive Emotions = More Energy

Did you know it is important to ensure you experience positive emotions in your life at least five times more than negative emotions? According to numerous research studies, 5 to 1 is the magic ratio. In Maureen Gaffney’s book, Flourishing, she makes a good case for just how much positive emotions play a part in your ability to thrive in life. She states that positive emotions broaden, build, and transform us.

When you experience a positive emotion, it puts you in a more receptive state of mind, triggering patterns of thought that are more flexible, creative, and adaptable – the thought patterns you need to achieve your desires more quickly. In addition, positivity creates energy while negativity consumes it. When you are in a bad mood, you will use up more energy ruminating in it – trying to understand why you are feeling negative and how to get out of it. What an energy vampire!

The good news is that if you have a natural inclination to the negative, with deliberate effort, you can build up the positive and reduce the negative whenever possible.

Here’s some more reasons to ensure you experience positive emotions more. Everything we are trying to achieve depends on our attention, right? IF we can focus and police our attention, we can better control our thoughts and feelings, and as a consequence achieve more. It is not the stream of events in the course of the day that registers in our consciousness, it is only what we pay attention to. This means that what we choose to pay attention to literally defines our reality. This is fine on a good day, because it is easier for us to manage and focus our attention by acting intentionally. However, increasingly we find ourselves in an uncontrolled reactive mode, especially if we are unaware that we create our emotions. When this happens our attention is scattered. Not so productive!

Superachievers have learned how to control their attention to achieve what they intend and this is done by intentionally focusing on experiencing more positive emotions – which, in turn, gives us more energy, opening up our perception to accept more opportunities, and be more creative in attaining our goals.

Think of superachievers as realistic optimists – we routinely emphasize possible opportunities and work towards good outcomes with no guarantee these will occur, especially without effort. This means we cultivate hope, confidence, and ultimately, an appetite for challenge.

Who’s feeling motivated to go out and achieve now? I definitely am!  Let’s do it!

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