Celebrate the Empowered Woman!

In honor of all those strong women out there, this session celebrates the empowered woman. The beginning of the session includes defining the empowered woman and then going into each characteristic that supports her empowerment; to include her mindset, resilience, ability to connect with others, and finally, holding both her self-care and self-development as a priority in her life. Regardless of the gender of the participant, they will walk away from this session with actionable strategies to become a more empowered human being.

An Empowered Woman takes charge of her experiences in this life, shaping them to help her achieve what she wants.

Session Objectives

  • Learn how the mind works.
    Learn how the mind works to include the mechanisms that were at one time meant to help an individual survive and how they can now be hindering their success in life. Identify how an empowered woman gains awareness of her perceptions and strategies she utilizes for changing those that are limiting her.
  • Understand resilience and how important it is to being empowered.
    Learn how an empowered woman increases her mental and emotional flexibility to reduce frustration and remove both internal and external obstacles to achieving her goals.
  • Examine the importance of connection to one's success.
    Learn the strategies an empowered woman utilizes for identifying individuals and enlisting them to help her achieve her dreams.
      • Understand the importance of self-care in making a positive impact on the world.
        Learn how the empowered woman makes herself a priority to accomplish more and live a more fulfilling life.
        • Appreciate the importance of self-development to empower oneself more.
          How an empowered woman can develop what she needs to know to get where she's going more quickly.

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