Strategies for the Retiring Superachiever

Superachievers are individuals who want to make a positive impact on the world while growing themselves in the process. They are motivated by achievement in the tangible sense (degrees, promotions, awards) and the intangible sense (growth achieved while going after one’s goals). The transition to retirement is both exciting and scary – and even more so for superachievers because of this drive to achieve.

How will the superachiever satisfy this desire to achieve in retirement? In this presentation, participants learn five key strategies for superachievers to successfully make this momentous transition.

Retirement is a new beginning... a new and exciting chapter in the life of a superachiever.

Session Objectives

  • Perception is everything!
    Whatever you believe about retirement - you're right! Learn how to set expectations that will empower you the most in your retirement years.
  • Understand the natural progression of emotions and thoughts during a major life change.
    Knowing about and being prepared for the typical range of emotions during a major life change such as retirement will allow you to process the event more quickly.
  • Examine the importance of connection to others in retirement.
    It is not only important to maintain fulfilling connections, but also to make more (and very different!) connections .
      • Make self-care a priority during this momentous transition.
        Surprisingly, a lot of superachievers moving into retirement find themselves going at an even faster pace as they rush to do all the things they couldn't do during their career. Learn strategies for ensuring that self-care remains a priority.
        • Now is the time to learn even more!
          Superachievers love to learn and retirement is a perfect time to learn about all kinds of new things. Deciding what to learn can be a major challenge when the world opens up even more for you. Gain strategies for reflecting and engaging in focused self-development. 

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