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We’re Entering the Heart-Centered Era

I do a lot of reading – both for my personal development, and so I can be of service to you. I have recently come across several different resources referring to how we are changing as human beings. Let’s start with the history: As a species, we first focused on the physical – how to survive first, then through the industrial revolution where we used our bodies to produce widgets to survive. Then we moved into the information age where we used our mind to consume information, becoming experts at surviving. Now, several authors from many different genres believe we are moving into a more “heart-centered” era. So we were first focused on the body, then the mind, and now, those of us that are evolving are focusing more on the heart.

What does this mean? To me, it says that we are realizing the importance of collaboration with others in not just surviving, but thriving. We recognize that regardless of our station in life, our fellow human beings deserve to be treated with the dignity that should be afforded to any human being. It is becoming even more apparent that if we work together, we can accomplish so much more. I know what some of you may be thinking – “Chris, look at the news; society is horrible.” My response is that if you are relying on the news to get a pulse on what is happening in this world, you are getting quite a skewed perspective, my friend. Look at how as humans, we come together when disaster strikes to help those in need.

Okay, enough being on my soapbox, let’s take this back to the purpose of this blog. How does this relate to us as individuals? It means that we need to get on board and start moving forward with the intention that we are here to serve others, everyone deserves respect and dignity, and we need to collaborate to be successful. How do we do this? Let’s start with being very careful about the assumptions we make about others. Humans are incredibly bad at accurately identifying another’s intentions from their visible behaviors. So instead of assuming that the individual at work you have trouble getting along with exists solely to cause you issues, maybe consider a good intent instead and notice how that changes your interaction with them. Look for ways you can collaborate with others and involve them in your work. The more we work together with others, the better the product or service we produce will be because we’ve had different types of minds working on it. The more we bring abundance to others, the more we will reap as well. I truly believe that. So – let’s get on board with the oncoming heart-centered era and look at how we can lead more with our hearts today. Notice I said more, not entirely – we need both the mind and heart involved when making decisions. Unfortunately, we’ve been skewed too far in one direction until now.

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